Sullivan County Land Bank Offers

Release of Liability

To show a Sullivan County Land Bank-owned property, you, the agent, as well as your buyer(s), must sign the Land Bank's Waiver Form. Click the button below to Docusign the waiver with your buyer(s). 

Click here to Docusign the Sullivan County Land Bank Waiver with your buyer


IMPORTANT: Please read all instructions in their entirety, below, including what constitutes a complete offer, before presenting an offer on a Land Bank owned property. If you have any questions or need help as you go please contact:
Presenting an offer on a Land Bank owned property is simple and is done in two steps. 
\\ Step one: present your buyer-signed company purchase offer and proof of funds (see requirements below), or pre-qualification letter (see requirements below), through our website by clicking the button below. Purchasers buying in the name of a corporate entity must also provide specific supporting documents as outlined below. 
\\ Step two: have your buyer complete the Sullivan County Land Bank Property Purchase Application and provide required supporting documents, via DocuSign, by clicking button to the right. Progress can be saved as you go and supporting documents can be uploaded directly into the DocuSign form. 
Note that the Seller has directed that ONLY complete offers can be presented for consideration. Incomplete offers will be rejected and sent back with a request for additional documents. 
A complete offer encompasses the following:
Buyer-signed purchase agreement on your company letterhead w/requisite disclosures 
Recent proof of funds within the last 30 days covering the cost to acquire the property. 
Recent proof of funds within the last 30 days covering costs to renovate the property as detailed in preliminary contractor estimate or Scope of Work form (if buyer is doing work themselves). 
• PRE-QUALIFICATION LETTER (If mortgage financing):
If buyer is obtaining mortgage financing, a pre-qualification letter appropriate for the physical condition (and/or lender-required factors), which states, on the letter itself, an amount that covers both the offering price as well as the expected renovation costs. 
• ENTITIES (LLCs and Corporations):
Buyer-entities must provide copies of LLC documents or articles of incorporation with evidence of principals and authorized signors.
Complete and signed SC Land Bank Purchase Application with ALL required supporting documents.
Mail in or drop off the $200 application fee to the Sullivan County Land Bank (address on the application).
All offers are preliminary accepted SUBJECT to final approval and acceptance by the Sullivan County Land Bank. 

Present Offer


You can complete, sign and return your entire Sullivan County Land Bank Application with all supporting documents and Credit Check by clicking the button below. 

Please note that you CAN SAVE YOUR PROGRESS and REOPEN THE DOCUMENTS TO COMPLETE LATER BY CLICKING "FINISH LATER" AT THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE SCREEN IN DOCUSIGN (See the excerpt from the website below). The Land Bank Application is multiple pages, takes time to fill out and you will be REQUIRED to upload supporting documents to the application as you go. Please take advantage of the ability to save your progress in Docusign by following the steps outlined above. 

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To access conventional, PDF versions of this form click here.

Sullivan County Land Bank Purchase Application


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